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About us

Several years ago, because of an illness in our family, we went in search of supplements that could help with PAIN, STRESS, ANXIETY etc. There are a wide variety of supplements available on the market, but finding ones that were not only affordable, but consistent in quality and made with natural organic ingredients was not easy. Through extensive research, we found  Hemp CBD Oil. We have spent years researching CBD and all of its benefits and through this endeavour, felt the need to create a product line that we feel confident in offering to you.

Our goal is to bring our customers the most Natural and Organic CBD products available today.Through our research we found that many CBD companies were purchasing their hemp from overseas. They are labeled as being Organic, but that can’t  always be verified. We feel that the safest and most natural place to grow our hemp is here in the USA, where we can oversee the process from start to finish and guarantee that the products you will receive are always created with hemp that is 100% ORGANIC, NON-GMO, free of Solvents and Pesticides. Our CBD Oil Products are made from the highest grade of Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil in the world.

Through our proprietary engineering process we are able to remove any unwanted compounds such as THC, while ensuring an ORGANIC full-spectrum oil, that has both high levels of Phytocannabinoids as well as Natural Terpenes. Our hemp plants are grown in Colorado using STRICT ORGANIC FARMING practices and are regulated through the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We use only NATURAL and ORGANIC extracts. Never Isolates or Synthetic products.

All of our products go through 3rd party testing in labs using HPLC testing methods, ensuring that our customers are getting the HIGHEST QUALITY of PURE PCR HEMP OIL available.

At NATURES RANGE ORGANIC CBD, we strive to give to you, our customer, the most natural, organic and beneficial CBD products available.



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