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CBD: Myths Vs Facts

Lately, there have been plenty of confusing, contradictory reports on CBD, THC, Hemp extracts and everything in between. While some of them vilify the wonderful health benefits of organic CBD oil or CBD tincture, others stop short of sharing the real truth by downplaying their utility and scope – often for political reasons.
Either way, forgiving such media houses and the government is the way forward because holding grudges against anybody is not only bad for health, but also goes against the spirit and essence of CBD – which is to imbue joy and well-being in a world filled with darkness and depression.
At a time when one can’t help but feel overwhelmed by inundating so-called ‘facts’ about cannabinoids, THC and CBD compounds, it’s imperative that we set the records straight.
For the uninitiated, CBD is one of the 60-odd compounds traced in cannabis that belong to a group of molecules known as cannabinoids. They are known to impart numerous health benefits.
Okay, let’s get down to knowing more about 5 popular myths and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: All CBD is equal.

Fact: The skeptics and the naysayers would have us believe that CBD is essentially the same, regardless of where you get it from. In other words, your body cannot distinguish between the different sources where it’s coming from– be it smoking, consuming cannabis or using CBD oils derived from hemp.
The truth is that it does matter where the CBD comes from because not all sources are equal, or equally good. For example, CBD that comes from single-molecule samples in a laboratory doesn’t have the same composition as secondary cannabinoids and other terpenes which occur naturally in cannabis plants. Also, certain Hemp plants come from clones that are actually capable of increasing the quantity of CBD, which augurs well for the overall well-being of all organic CBD lovers.

Myth 2: CBD oil is not safe for children.

Fact: Again, this erroneous assumption is attributed to not-so-well researched reports circulating in online media. This couldn’t be further from the truth because existing research suggests that CBD oil is not only safe, but also beneficial for people of all ages.
Furthermore, CBD-based hemp oil is already being used extensively to treat a gamut of pediatric ailments, such as seizures and epilepsy with no side effects whatsoever. The reason why CBD is absolutely safe for children is that they don’t contain any psychoactive properties.

Myth 3: CBD has practically no impact on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Fact: This is another misnomer. But first, let’s understand what an endocannabinoid system does. It is basically responsible for regulating critical bodily functions such as appetite, sleep, mood, memory and even reproduction. When this system begins to malfunctions, it triggers the onset of numerous illnesses, according to scientists. Research now shows that consuming CBD helps our body to restore its balance by increasing the quantity of endocannabinoids.

Myth 4: There is no scientific evidence that CBD is beneficial for health

Fact: Numerous clinical trials have been conducted on CBD in the past few years, and the results have been more than encouraging.
Not only has it been shown to lower the intensity and frequency of schizophrenic episodes, its efficiency in dealing with childhood epilepsy has evinced a lot of interest from pharma firms and educational universities alike. Furthermore, CBD is also emerging as a feasible alternative to ease symptoms of social anxiety.

Myth 5: It is futile to buy hemp extracts for any other purpose other than health.

Fact: Not really!To begin with, hemp is not the same as cannabis. While they share the same plant, hemp contains abundant amounts of organic CBD, but has negligible level of THC. The good thing about hemp CBD is that they’re great for soil health, which makes them an ideal fit for farmers looking to produce environmentally-friendly hemp plants that impart great all-round benefits.

So there you go! You no longer need to believe everything you read or hear about CBD because you’re armed with lesser-known but scientifically proven knowledge that separates the wheat from the chaff.

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