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5 evidence-based benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is fast emerging as a wonderfully effective supplement that imparts great health benefits. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory property, coupled with its ability to provide relief from seemingly intractable problems, CBD, which is one of the most useful cannabinoids with great therapeutic value, is being increasingly recognized for its role against difficult ailments like irritable bowel, schizophrenia and even cancer.
Unlike other cannabinoids, natural CBD supplements are non-euphoric, which means that they can be consumed in comparatively high doses without any unpleasant side effects
Read on further to know more about some laser-edge insights about its numerous benefits.


A documentary by CNN chronicled the anti-epileptic attributes of full spectrum CBD and its effectiveness in helping with many of the symptoms. A few years back, a Brazil-based experiment observed by Dr. Mechoulam on intractable epilepsy cases found that three out of the seven patients who were administered CBD actually became seizure-free! Two of them noted reduced intensity whereas one suffered from just 1-2 seizures.
The writing is on the wall: people are showing increased interest to buy CBD oils as they are encouraged by the cannibinoid’s anti-epileptic property. After all, cannabis has not been known as an anti-seizure herb for centuries without a reason.

Brain Protection

A number of studies have been conducted that prove the neuroprotective ability of CBD. In fact, it is now well-established that CBD can safeguard precious brain matter in the event of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke. According to other researches, CBD have the ability to protect the brain from neurotoxicity caused by oxidants and excitatory transmitters.
Moreover, they are also known to help with brain tissue damage arising out of reduced oxygenation, which happens commonly when someone suffers from TBI or stroke, and/or undergoes a cardiac bypass surgery.


The human immunity system is very complex and messes up at times, causing diseases like multiple sclerosis, which occurs when one’s immunity mechanism becomes overactive. With the passage of time, the accumulation of scar tissue starts disturbing the nerves as they move back and forth into the brain. As a result, this results in the deterioration of motor function and ultimately, paralysis.
It is here that the role of CBD becomes so important. It trims the growth of neutrophils, which in turn helps in improving the immunity system. Since it also limits the production of inflammatory proteins, it is emerging as a very promising remedy for a gamut of pain and inflammatory-related ailments, such as lupus, arthritis and even Parkinson’s.
As a matter of fact, Hemp CBD oil has already attracted widespread attention for its ability to improve the mental and physical health of just humans, but also animals.


According to some studies, CBD is a great organic cannabidoil that lowers the intensity of anxiety in healthy individuals as well as patients suffering from social anxiety disorder. Research also indicates that CBD significantly reduces the discomfort associated with public speaking.
Similarly, it is known to be a very effective therapeutic option for obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, it also calms down the nerves induced by other cannabinods such as THC. Beat that!

Tumors and Cancer

The role of CBD in dealing with cancer is nothing short of remarkable. Being an anti-oxidant, it is known to reduce the incidence of cancer. It basically deprives the cancer cell of their ability to spread, thereby causing their death. CBD, like other chemicals found in medicinal Cannabis, has antitumor properties and has been known to successfully kill cancer cells in numerous cervical cancer varieties.
Treatment using CBD is also reported to induce the death of tumor cells, making it effective in combating colon cancer, and leukemia. At the same time, it is also an effective antitumor agent.

So there you have it. These were five evidence-based health benefits of CBD that tells us exactly why it’s considered to be a wonder substance that solves multiple purposes.

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