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Terpenes are organic compounds produced by a wide variety of plants. They are the primary constituents of the essential oils in various types of plants and flowers.
Terpenes are some of the most powerful compounds in the cannabis sativa plant. They have a great impact in the effects of the cannabinoids found in cannabis . Terpenes are what create the distinctive aroma and flavor of the wide varieties of cannabis. What is unique in regards to cannabis terpenes is the amount and diversity that is present within a single plant. Each terpene can produce or create a different psychoactive effect.
Some, such as Limonene, can elevate your mood and relieve stress. While others, such as Humulene have been known to help suppress appetite.
Terpenes are naturally found in the hemp plants that we grow, but to enhance the effects of our Tinctures and Vapes, we have customized them with various Terpenes added.
All of our terpenes are derived from the various plants that produce the specific terpene and are Organic, pure and non-synthetic.


Found In: Cannabis, Hops, Lemongrass, Thyme
Aroma: Earthy, herbal with musky and clove overtones. Hints of citrus
Effects: Relaxing and Sedating
Medicinal Uses: Good for pain and inflammation as well as muscle tension. Has been used as an antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and may be used in the aid of sleeplessness and depression.


Found in: Cannabis, Black Pepper, Cloves
Aroma: Spicy woody scent with overtones of pepper and cloves.
Effects: Caryophyllene has not detectable effects
Medicinal Uses: Has been beneficial in the use of gastrointestinal complications as well as autoimmune disorders. It has been used as a anti-inflammatory and is good for ulcers and arthritis.


Found In: Cannabis, Fruit rinds, Peppermint and Juniper
Aroma: Citrusy
Effects: Relieves Stress and Mood Enhancer
Medicinal Uses: Limonene has been used to treat gastrointestinal problems and relieve heartburn. It has anti-carcinogenic , anti-bacterial, and antifungal benefits and has been known to enhance your mood and relieve depression.


Found In: Cannabis, Hops, Clove and Basil
Aroma: Earthy woody aroma with Spicy undertones
Effects: Help suppress hunger, appetite simulation
Medicinal Uses: Has been used as an anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial and helps in prevention / growth of tumors.


Found In: Cannabis, Pine needles, Dill, Rosemary and Basil
Aroma: Forest, Pine Trees
Effects: Memory retention, Alertness
Medicinal Uses: Has been used as an antiseptic and a Bronchodilator, helping to improve the airflow to the lungs.


Found In: Cannabis, Lavender
Aroma: Floral, Lavender, Citrus, Sweet
Effects: Sedation , Relief of anxiety
Medicinal Uses: Has been used as a sedative and an Analgesic as well and used as an antidepressant and to sedate and relief anxiety. In some cases it has been used as an anti-epileptic.