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4 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing CBD Oil

The CBD medical oil industry has become a go-to for individuals who want to use the oil as a medical remedy. CBD oil can be used for a variety of reasons, such as a pain reducer, for seizures, inflammation, etc., helping to bring balance to the body. CBD is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa L. plant and offers a number of benefits. CBD is different from the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC found in cannabis as it does not have psychoactive properties.

So, you have decided to purchase CBD oil to act as a natural medicine. This is a wonderful choice as you will find the oil works well to alleviate a number of symptoms associated with sickness and disease. As a first time buyer, you may not know what to purchase or how to go about doing so. Below are four things you must know before making a purchase. These tips will ensure you purchase the right product for your specific needs.

The Extraction Method

One question to resolve before purchasing CBD oil is the extraction method used. To be able to provide CBD oil, it must be extracted from the cannabis plant. There are several methods that can be done to complete this process and you want to avoid companies that extract the oil using cheap and unsafe methods. Some companies will use toxic solvents like propane or butane to extract the oil. This is not something you want to consume, especially considering that you are most likely ill. Look for companies who extract the oil using safe and environmentally friendly methods to know that you are purchasing a CBD-rich product instead of one tainted by toxins.

The Source

It is also important to consider the source of the CBD oil. Where were the plants grown and how was it grown? What species of cannabis was used? The soil and climate conditions are important to the overall growth and richness of the plant which creates the CBD oil. You want to stay away from oils that are derived from plants that have been grown in soil that was heavily polluted with metals. The plants can contain mercury and lead which can lead to additional health problems.


The amount of CBD oil you use is also important. You want to purchase enough of the product to be able to take the dosage you need. You should use the oil regularly and maintain the proper dosage throughout. Commonly, adults should take a small dose each day of 1 to 2 mg. For chronic pain treatment, 2.5-20mg per mouth daily is recommended. For sleep disorders, 40-160 mg of the oil by mouth is recommended. You want to learn more about how much oil you need for your condition before making a purchase.


The volume of CBD oil is also important. Some products will contain hemp oil which will have low levels of CBD. You want to use an oil that has pure CBD oil in it so that you can reap the benefits associated with your health condition.

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