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Can CBD Oil Have an Effect on Seizures in Children?

For many individuals facing health issues, CBD oil is becoming the go-to treatment options. For years now, marijuana has been used to effectively treat the symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and many other medical conditions. Over the past few years, a new way to use the cannabis plant has been gaining ground. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and used to treat a number of conditions, without the high effect associated with marijuana. Research has shown that seizure conditions can benefit greatly from CBD oil usage, including in children. More and more parents are now turning to this alternative method in order to see their children live normal lives.

Life-Threatening Seizure Conditions

Children around the world can be affected by life-threatening seizure conditions. Epilepsy comes in many forms including Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Doose syndrome. When a child suffers from these epileptic conditions, they will experience frequent convulsions from an early age. Such convulsions can cause injury as well as create delays in motor function, behavior and cognitive development. There are children who have a handful of seizures a day to those who experience hundreds in one day, some of which can last for long periods of time. This is no life to live and parents want their children to be able to function without worrying about seizures.

By using anti-epileptic drugs, parents hope that their child will get better. However, such drugs prove to be ineffective in many patients and can make the seizures worse. Other issues involve the side effects associated with such drugs.

Anti-convulsant Properties of CBD Oil

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis that has anticonvulsant properties. Research is ongoing but there is evidence that shows the oil can help to reduce seizures in children and adults with few side effects. In children, CBD oil is commonly administered in high CBD extract form with food or under the tongue. The oil can be provided via a feeding tube as well. Parents that have used CBD oil for their child have reported that their child has been in a better mood, become more alert and able to enjoy better sleep.

It is becoming more common practice for parents to try CBD oil to treat seizures rather than use traditional medications. It is certainly worth a try, especially with children who may not be responding well to traditional medical treatments.

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