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CBD Oil and Pets: What are the Benefits?

If you are familiar with the term CBD oil, then you most likely know the cannabis compound is commonly used to treat medical conditions, including chronic pain. But did you know that CBD oil can also be used for pets such as dogs? Our pets suffer from medical conditions as well but cannot use the same traditional medical treatments that we do. However, with CBD oil, there is an option for pain management that can be beneficial to both pets and humans.
Also known as cannabidiol, CBD has been used by pet owners to help animals in relieving pain symptoms. The compound is one of many derived from the cannabis plant and does not contain the ability to achieve a ‘high’. CBD is actually quite complex and can create reactions in the body to be of benefit for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain. Just as the substance can be used for humans, it has also been used on pets.

Animal Pain Management

In the early stages of testing, CBD oil was used for pain relief on dogs and horses. Livestock and other pets have now used the substance in order to find a therapeutic treatment that works. The oil can be used for several conditions including hip and joint pain. In dogs, hip and joint pain is a common issue, especially when the animal gets older. Dogs who have joint pain will lay down for the majority of the day. With CBD oil that is pet-appropriate, the pain the dog experiences can be reduced, which allows the pet to see improved mobility.
Products have also been created using CBD oil to assist with painful diseases associated with dogs such as hip inflammation, herniated discs, and arthritis. The oil can be added to dog food and can also be found in products where the oil is based in. Dogs will easily take the treatment and results can be seen relatively quickly.

Additional Uses

CBD oil has also been used in show animals such as cats and dogs to improve their coat appearance and strength. The oil can be beneficial in helping with skin conditions including the mange, allergies, alopecia, and others. Dogs are often known to gnaw at their feet which can result in health issues such as irritation and itching. This can also be helped with CBD oil.
For the most part, CBD oil has been proven to be a quality option for pet ailment treatment. When your pet is suffering from a condition, find out more about how CBD oil can help and if it is a viable treatment option for your pet.

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