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How to Approach Your Doctor About CBD Oil Use

If you are suffering from chronic pain or other medical issues, you have most likely researched alternative treatment methods. CBD oil is commonly used to treat medical conditions but continues to face a stigma within the medical community and the nation as a whole due to its connection to the cannabis plant. If you want to try CBD oil as a treatment option, it is important to discuss your wants with your doctor. But how do you approach your doctor about using CBD oil? Talking about medical cannabis may be intimidating or nerve-wracking depending on the individual. Read on to find out how you can easily approach your doctor to discuss this treatment option.

Be Honest and Open

Asking a doctor about medical cannabis like CBD oil or admitting that you use the herb to treat your condition is not illegal. Doctors have a legal obligation to keep your discussions confidential, so you can be open and honest about your feelings. Talk to your doctor about CBD oil and discuss what you hope the treatment will do and why you think it might be helpful. You are basically asking your doctor for advice and they should be willing to discuss the option with you.

Share Information

Whether you have tried CBD oil or want to try the substance to treat your medical condition, share information with your doctor. Before trying the oil, you want to discuss your symptoms and why you think the oil will be helpful. If you have already tried the CBD oil, you will need to discuss several factors. This will include the consumption method being used, the strains used, dosage, etc. Your doctor needs to know everything so that your symptoms can be discussed, and it can be determined if the oil is helping or not.

Ask the Right Questions

Your doctor is there to help you and be a guide with your medical needs. There are certain questions you will need to ask if you are considering or are using CBD oil. This can include finding out if the treatment will interact with other medications you may be taking, what type of cannabis will work best for your condition and is the doctor aware of any studies involving the substance and your condition. Asking these questions will help you feel more at ease in trying the substance for treatment as well as ensuring you know enough to get started successfully.

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